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Today β€” 2 October 2023Main stream

(PR) Avicena Demonstrates First microLED Based Transceiver IC in 16 nm finFET CMOS for Chip-to-Chip Communications

2 October 2023 at 07:04
Avicena, a privately held company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, is demonstrating its LightBundle multi-Tbps chip-to-chip interconnect technology at the European Conference for Optical Communications (ECOC) 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland (https://www.ecocexhibition.com/). Avicena's microLED-based LightBundle architecture breaks new ground by unlocking the performance of processors, memory and sensors, removing key bandwidth and proximity constraints while simultaneously offering class leading energy efficiency.

"As generative AI continues to evolve, the role of high bandwidth-density, low-power and low latency interconnects between xPUs and HBM modules cannot be overstated", says Chris Pfistner, VP Sales & Marketing of Avicena. "Avicena's innovative LightBundle interconnects have the potential to fundamentally change the way processors connect to each other and to memory because their inherent parallelism is well-matched to the internal wide and slow bus architecture within ICs. With a roadmap to multi-terabit per second capacity and sub-pJ/bit efficiency these interconnects are poised to enable the next era of AI innovation, paving the way for even more capable models and a wide range of AI applications that will shape the future."

This Week in Gaming (Week 40)

1 October 2023 at 09:44
As we enter Octoberβ€”as well as autumn in the northern hemisphereβ€”things kick off with a fairly big AAA release that involves assassins. The rest of the week is full of new games that range from lighting lamps to choo-choos and exploring unknown galaxies, to thieves and sword action to some kind of ice related sport. In other words, yet another jam packed week of new releases to look forward to.

Assassin's Creed Mirage / This week's AA title / Thursday 5 October
Experience the story of Basim, a cunning street thief with nightmarish visions, seeking answers and justice as he navigates the bustling streets of ninth-century Baghdad. Through a mysterious, ancient organization known as the Hidden Ones, he will become a deadly Master Assassin and change his fate in ways he never could have imagined.

MSI announces Vigor GK50 Elite TKL mechanical keyboard

1 October 2023 at 15:00

MSI is expanding its peripheral portfolio with the new Vigor GK50 Elite TKL gaming keyboard. This keyboard is packed with many useful features, like on-board memory profiles, Kailh mechanical switches, adjustable feet, and additional keycaps.

The Vigor GK50 Elite TKL has three mechanical key switch options: Kailh Blue, Kailh Red, and Kailh Box White. Gamers may choose the key switch that best suits them, whether they prefer the clicky blue and white switches or the linear red switches. The GK50 Elite TKL guarantees that every keypress is recorded thanks to 6+N Key Rollover support and anti-ghosting keys. The GK50 Elite TKL is made with aerospace-grade components and a robust metal frame for increased durability.

The Tenkeyless layout assures a smaller form factor, giving gamers more room for mouse movement and freeing up space on your desk. The detachable Type-C to Type-A braided cable simplifies cable management, and the three-stage adjustable feet let users choose between 0Β°, 3Β°, and 7Β° typing angles for their comfort.

You can customise the GK50 Elite TKL's macro keys and per-key RGB lighting via MSI Center software. You can also save up to three onboard memory profiles with different macros and RGB lighting effects. MSI includes a drawstring bag, a keycap remover, and extra convex keycaps within the Vigor GK50 Elite TKL package.

KitGuru says: If you're looking for a simple TKL mechanical keyboard with per-key RGB, the GK50 Elite TKL should do the trick.

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Phanteks launches T30-inspired D30-140 fans with D-RGB lighting

1 October 2023 at 14:00

Phanteks is expanding the D30 fan lineup with a range of D30–140 fans. These new 140mm fans with D-RGB lighting are based on the well-known T30 fans, which have been widely praised for their performance in different applications.

Phanteks has devised bridge connections and screw cover plates that allow several D30 fans to be combined effortlessly. This approach eliminates cable clutter and combines many fans into a cohesive, aesthetically appealing box, resulting in a cleaner setup. Moreover, the D-RGB lighting on the D30-140 fans is integrated on all sides of the fan's frame and blades.

The D30-140 fans are available in both conventional and reversed airflow modes, giving customers more choices on how to make their PC cooling setup. These fans thrive on restricted surfaces like radiators and mesh filters thanks to the high air pressure they produce, which results from the strong 30mm frame and fan blades inspired by T30s. The D30-140 fans are now available as a single unit and in 3-packs. However, Phanteks is planning to use them on the upcoming Glacier One 420D30 as well.

The Phanteks D30-140 fans are now available in black and white. A single D30-140 fan costs $29.99/€29.90/Β£29.90. Alternatively, you can get a 3-pack for $84.99/€84.90/Β£84.90. Pricing is the same regardless of colour or airflow orientation.

KitGuru says: The option of reverse airflow fans is always a nice touch. Are you in the market for a new set of connectable RGB case fans?

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be quiet! introduces Pure Loop 2 AIO CPU coolers

1 October 2023 at 13:00

be quiet! has added the Pure Loop 2 series to its line of AIO water cooling systems. Pure Loop 2 comes as an update to the original Pure Loop series, including significant enhancements such as a PWM-adjustable pump with ARGB LEDs and the new Pure Wings 3 PWM fans.

The Pure Loop 2 AIO coolers use up to three Pure Wings 3 PWM fans, which operate at 36.8 dBA at max speeds. The fans also have a unique closed-loop motor feature that monitors the rotational speed of the fan and makes automated changes to maintain the fans at a consistent fan speed regardless of radiator air resistance.

The new be quiet! water coolers also include a doubly decoupled pump to prevent vibration transfer, as the pump housing is separated from the CPU cooling block and radiator by being positioned on the tubes. Furthermore, rubber cushioning within the pump unit's casing provides an extra layer of decoupling. The pump unit is PWM-adjustable, allowing for finer performance/noise balance tweaking. A nickel-coated coldplate provides effective cooling for all current desktop CPUs and enables the use of liquid metal thermal compounds.

be quiet!'s Pure Loop 2 AIOs feature an all-black design, which is complemented by the brushed aluminum-style cooling block. The cooling block is visually enhanced with modest ARGB lighting. The retail package includes a 100ml bottle of coolant, which you can use to top up your cooler via an easily accessible port on the radiator.

Pure Loop 2 supports all current popular desktop CPUs from Intel (LGA1700/1200/1150/1151/1155) and AMD (AM5/4), thanks to a simple mounting solution. The Pure Loop 2 will be available on October 10th in four different radiator sizes: 120mm for $99.90/€89.90/Β£84.99, 240mm for $114.90/€104.90/Β£99.99, 280mm for $124.90/€114.90/Β£109.99, and 360mm for $139.90/€129.90/Β£125.99.

KitGuru says: Seeing as the Pure Loop AIOs are still quite good for today's standards, we can only expect good things from Pure Loop 2.

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Beyerdynamic launches its first wireless gaming headset

1 October 2023 at 12:00

Beyerdynamic is extending its MMX gaming product line with its first wireless gaming headset, the MMX 200. Targeting PC and console players, the Beyerdynamic MMX 200 wireless connects via Blueooth 5.3 or low latency 2.4GHs to ensure you aren't behind on the action.Β 

Beyerdynamic acousticians created the 40mm drivers for the MMX 200 Wireless and tuned them for gaming to deliver a clear and complete soundscape. Precise in-game sound localisation allows users to more easily pinpoint sound sources, which can provide a competitive edge in shooters.

For maximum wireless communication in every scenario, the Meta Link Switch and Meta Link Connect allow users to connect the headset to various devices using BT mode, low latency mode (2.4G), and hybrid mode, allowing them to switch between devices easily. Furthermore, the MMX 200 Wireless' Augmented Mode offers a unique gaming experience by combining ambient sound captured by the ear cups' mics with in-game music. Additionally, the MMX 200 wireless may be quickly and accurately adjusted with the control wheel, enabling volume changes without interfering with gaming. The control wheel also controls the mute function and Augmented Mode.

The detachable Meta Voice microphone promises to make voices more realistic and natural thanks to the 9.9mm capsule. Calls may still be made without the Meta Voice microphone attached because of the built-in microphones. The headset should also be comfortable for long gaming sessions, as the revised earpad shape and the memory foam headband with an aluminium bracket ensure a perfect fit.

The Beyerdynamic MMX 200 wireless headset is now available for €249.

KitGuru says: Gaming headsets designed by audiophile-oriented brands are usually considerably better than the average product. One of the latest examples is the Audeze Maxwell, which has been widely praised for its performance. Hopefully, the new Beyerdynamic MMX 200 Wireless will follow that trend.

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Logitech G introduces new Playseat Challenge X – Logitech G Edition sim racing chair

1 October 2023 at 11:00

The Playseat Challenge X – Logitech G Edition is a new sim racing chair from Logitech G and Playseat. This new chair is designed for Logitech G racing wheels and pedals, featuring a foldable carbon steel frame and a fully adjustable seat, giving sim racers a racing chair that delivers versatility and durability.

The new Playseat Challenge X – Logitech G Edition was designed based on the original Playseat Challenge, but the new chair comes with some additional features that make it stand out from the original model. First, there's X-Adapt, offering six seating positions (including pedals and wheel) for users to choose from.

Then, the breathable ActiFit material, complemented by a β€œbody-conforming” design and adjustable stiffness, provides excellent support and thermal management. These features also help to transmit force feedback and Trueforce feeling more precisely. At just 11.6kg (26lbs), the seat folds and stores rapidly, making it a convenient partner for someone who doesn't have much space. Additionally, the Logitech G Driving Force Shifter comes with a gearshift mount, enabling you to improve your racing experience.

The PlaySeat Challenge X – Logitech G Edition is available in gunmetal grey for a recommended retail price of $299 and €299.

KitGuru says: Have you ever owned a sim racing chair? Would you consider Playseat Challenge X – Logitech G Edition given its set of features and pricing?

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MSI bundles Infinity Strash Dragon Quest with MEG AI PSUs

1 October 2023 at 10:00

If you're planning to get a high-end PSU, know that MSI is now bundling a digital copy of the recently released Infinity Strash Dragon Quest for PC with its MEG AI PSUs to sweeten the deal.

The MSI MEG Ai1300P and MEG Ai1000P PSUs are two of the best power supplies in MSI's lineup. Besides being PCIe 5.0 and ATX 3.0 ready, the two 80PLUS Platinum PSUs can power most modern mainstream PC systems with ease, delivering up to 1300W of power. Other features, such as Intelligent Fan mode, MSI Gaming Intelligence compatibility, and real-time monitoring, make these PSUs even more appealing.

If all that isn't enough to convince you, MSI is now bundling an Infinity Strash Dragon Quest game key for PC with these two power supplies. Keys will be available with purchases of either power supply up until the 29th of October.

Upon purchase, you will get an Infinity Strash Dragon Quest digital key for PC. Furthermore, if you want to join in the β€˜Shout out for MSI' campaign and share your product experience, you will be rewarded with an extra $20 Steam voucher. Lastly, you can enter the MSI Reward Program by reviewing a product, referring a friend, or executing other tasks to earn up to 500 points, which can then be redeemed for rewards such as Steam wallet codes, game keys, exclusive offers, and more.

KitGuru says: Are you planning to take advantage of this bundle?

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EK launches launches full cover liquid-cooling block for PS5 consoles

1 October 2023 at 09:00

EK announced a one-of-a-kind cooling product for the PS5: a full-cover monoblock. The EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock for PS5 cools all of the key components of the PS5 while giving a unique look to your β€œconsole” with D-RGB lighting and a plexi cutout. It is attached using normal ATX motherboard stand-offs, making mATX enclosures ideal for a water-cooled PS5.

If you want to take the cooling of your PS5 to a new level, EK has the solution for you: the EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock. Water-cooling your PS5 will allow you to maintain stable temperatures with little fan speed variation. Because of the large surface area of a water-cooling radiator, lower fan speeds are sufficient to disperse heat, resulting in lower noise levels. Another advantage is that all electrical components will run at lower temperatures, increasing their lifespan.

The monoblock, like the standard cooling solution, cools every critical PS5 component, including the SoC chip, GDDR6 VRAM, different controllers, VRM, and the SSD NAND memory chips. The SoC transmits heat to the monoblock via thermal paste, whereas the other chips use thermal pads to transfer heat to the monoblock. To mount it on your console, you'll need to disassemble it, remove the PCB, and place it into the monoblock.

By encasing it in this monoblock, the console's footprint is reduced, allowing it to fit within mATX PC cases. The monoblock base is made of nickel-plated electrolytic copper and has a see-through glass window like many other water-cooling blocks. Additional aesthetic and assembly elements are constructed of stainless steel and aluminium and are not in contact with the coolant, preventing metal mixing. Moreover, the addressable D-RGB LED strip has 24 individually addressable LEDs that run along the Plexi window.

The EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock for PS5 only needs two G1/4β€³ connection fittings to function properly inside a liquid-cooling loop. It also requires a pump to move the coolant and a radiator with fans to disperse heat, just like any other regular monoblock for PC components. Furthermore, the PCB in this monoblock transforms the PS5's normal 2-pin DC power connection into two 8-pin PCIe power connectors.

This monoblock is compatible with the PlayStation 5 revisions listed below (physical differences prevent older versions from being compatible):

  • CFI-1200A (Disc Edition, Japan)
  • CFI-1200B (Digital Edition, Japan)
  • CFI-1202A (Disc Edition, Australia)
  • CFI-1202B (Digital Edition, Australia)
  • CFI-1208A (Disc Edition) (Russia, Ukraine, India, and Central Asia)
  • CFI-1208B (Digital Edition, Russia, Ukraine, India, and Central Asia)
  • CFI-1215A (Disc Edition, North America)
  • CFI-1215B (Digital Edition, North America)
  • CFI-1216A (Disc Edition, Europe)
  • CFI-1216B (Digital Edition, Europe)
  • CFI-1218A (Disc Edition, Singapore)
  • CFI-1218B (Digital Edition, Singapore)

Pre-orders for the EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock for PS5 are now available for €449.90 and will release in late October 2023.

KitGuru says: Would you consider water cooling your PS5 with the EK-QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock?

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Leaked AMD roadmap details Zen 5 and Zen 6 architectures

1 October 2023 at 08:00

An apparent presentation leak has been shared online, seemingly detailing AMD's internal plans for its next two Zen architecture versions. This includes codenames, with Zen 5 referred to as Nirvana and Zen 6 referred to as Morpheus. The leak claims to show expected IPC uplift, new features and core counts.Β 

Moore's Law Is Dead shared these slides via video. According to them, Zen 5 will bring aΒ  a 10 to 15% generational uplift over Zen 4. For the first time, Zen 5 will reportedly have 16 core CCXs. Moreover, the slides suggest the upcoming Zen 5 cores will come with improvements to the L1 cache, increased from 32KB on Zen 4 to 48KB on Zen 5, and a larger DTLB and PWC.

According to the leak, the chip's throughput has been enhanced, with two basic block fetch units, eight wide-dispatch/rename units, six ALUs, and other features. According to the report, the scheduler now has a greater structural size, and the integer scheduler is bigger and more unified than in prior designs. The PowerPoint also vaguely mentions data prefetch improvements, as well as ISA and security advancements. The last two upgrades mentioned in the leaked slides are the low-power core option and the new core count of the CCXs, which increased from 8 to 16. If accurate, it would be the first time AMD has increased the core count of its CCXs since Zen 2, implying we might see a 32-core CPU in the future. The low-power core option would also enable the upcoming desktop CPUs to use a hybrid design.

We don't yet know what kind of cores will be used in these new Zen 5 core clusters. Zen 5c efficiency cores might take up half of the core count, or the whole stack could be plain Zen 5 performance cores.

Additional forecasts for AMD's Zen 6 architecture are included in the slides, claiming a 10% IPC gain over its predecessor, FP16 for AI/machine learning, and a new memory profiler. The last bullet point indicates that AMD would increase the core counts per CCD once again, increasing from 16 to 32 cores. There's a fair likelihood that the second core count doubling will contain β€œZen 6c” cores.

AMD's next-generation CPU architecture, Zen 5, is set to launch in 2024 with AMD's Ryzen 8000-series desktop and mobile CPUs. We don't know when Zen 6 is planned to launch just yet.

KitGuru says: Although performance figures are yet to be known, the Zen 5 improvements shown in the slide are definitely promising.Β 

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