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Yesterday β€” 4 June 2023Main stream

Innodisk at Computex 2023: Has the Right Idea About Gen 5 SSDs, to Make them AICs

By: btarunr
4 June 2023 at 04:42
Innodisk has the right idea about how to do PCIe Gen 5 NVMe SSDsβ€”to ditch the M.2 form-factor, and make them PCIe add-in cards. This would remove the need for cartoonishly disproportionate cooling solutions with high-pitched 20 mm fans; and rather allow SSD designers to use cooling solutions resembling those of graphics cards. Gen 5 NVMe controllers have a TDP of around 15 W, or roughly similar to that of a motherboard chipset. The M.2-2280 form-factor is tiny for the deployment of a sufficiently large heatsink, and so SSD designers are resorting to active cooling, using 20 mm fans that don't sound pleasant. Most single-slot VGA cooling solutions can make short work of 15 W of heat while being much quieter, some event fanless.

The Innodisk 5TG-P AIC SSD uses a PCIe Gen 5 + NVMe 2.0 SSD controller with a large passive heatsink, a PCI-Express 5.0 x4 host interface, and 32 TB of capacity. The drive runs entirely on slot power, and besides the 3D TLC NAND flash, uses a large DDR4 DRAM cache. The company claims sequential transfer speeds of up to 13 GB/s in either direction. Innodisk is targeting the PCIe 5TG-P at workstation and HEDT use-cases. The company is building them in server-relevant form-factors such as U.2 and E.1S. A CDM screenshot shows 13.62 GB/s sequential reads, with 11.55 GB/s sequential writes.

SilverStone Unveils a Vibrant Selection of ATX3.0 PSUs at Computex 2023

By: btarunr
4 June 2023 at 02:48
SilverStone showcased a large selection of new and upcoming PSUs at Computex 2023. The star attraction at their booth was the HELA 2050R Platinum (model: SST HA2050R PM), which is, well, hela powerful. This 2050 W PSU comes with two 16-pin 12VHPWR connectors each capable of 600 W continuous output, besides close to a dozen 6+2 pin PCIe power connectors. It includes a flattened, ribbon-type 12VHPWR cable that the company claims is "super flexible." The PSU meets both ATX 3.0 and PCIe Gen 5 standards. It meets Cybenetics Platinum switching efficiency. SilverStone plans to launch the HELA 2050R Platinum toward the end of June, 2023. This model will be joined by the HELA 1650R (SST HA1650R PM) later this year. This 1650 W model retains much of the feature-set of its 2050 W sibling, but in a lower depth body. You still get two 16-pin 12VHPWR connectors, the same Cybenetics Platinum switching efficiency, and those flat black 12VHWPR flexible cables. SilverStone plans to launch the HELA 1650R in September 2023.

SilverStone IceMyst AIO CPU Coolers Feature Stackable 60 mm Fans to Cool Around the CPU Socket

By: btarunr
4 June 2023 at 01:50
A drawback of liquid-cooling your CPU has been to leave the other hot components around your CPU socket without a source of passive airflow. SilverStone is planning to address this, with their IceMyst line of AIO CPU coolers. These coolers feature puck-shaped pump-blocks, their top covers come off, so you could telescopically stack up a few fans. Each of these 40-50 mm fans comes with an 8-shaped frame, with one half of it stacking up with the block and providing the rest of the frame with 360-degree mobility, and the other holding the motor and impeller in place.

You can position them anywhere around the pump-block, so you can direct airflow to components such as the memory slots, VRM heatsinks, M.2 SSD heatsinks, etc. SilverStone even showed us an example of a stack with 7 of these fans. The IceMyst series comes in four models based on radiator sizeβ€”240 mm x 120 mm, 280 mm x 140 mm, 360 mm x 120 mm, and 420 mm x 140 mm. By default, these coolers don't include any of those stackable fans, they're meant to be purchased separately as part of IceMyst Upgrade Kits. SilverStone plans to launch the IceMyst AIO series, and its companion Upgrade Kits, in July 2023.

Bug in AMD EPYC "Rome" Processors Puts Them to Sleep After 34 Months of Uptime

By: Fouquin
4 June 2023 at 01:49
AMD recently published an errata for their second generation EPYC processors based on Zen 2 which states that, "A core will fail to exit CC6 after about 1044 days after the last system reset." 1044 days is roughly 34 months, or just shy of 3 years of total uptime, and is actually an over estimate according to some sysadmin sleuths on Reddit and Twitter that did the math and discovered the actual time is 1042 days and 12 hours. The problem occurs because the CPU REFCLK counts 10ns ticks in a 54-bit signed integer, and if you count just over 9 quadrillion of these ticks you get the resulting overflow at 1042.4999 days. Once this overflow occurs the cores are stuck forever in a zombie state, and will not take any external interrupt requests. Well, forever until you flip the power switch off and back on again, which will reset the counter.

It's certainly impressive that this problem was discovered at all, as it suggests that more than a single system has been running for almost three years straight without a single restart. Though this does put EPYC "Rome" out of the running for any possible awards for longest running systems, it may serve as a reminder to initiate system updates or patches for other vulnerabilities that have been discovered in the four years since that generation of processor were first launched. AMD does not plan to issue any fix for the CC6 bug, instead recommending that administrators disable CC6 to avoid the cores entering the zombified state, or simply initiating a restart every once in awhile before the time limit expires.

SilverStone Commemorates 20 Years With Fresh Case Designs at Computex 2023

By: Fouquin
4 June 2023 at 00:57
SilverStone showed up to Computex with a variety of new cases on offer covering everything from a hybrid rack-mountable / pedestal 5U, to a retro-inspired April Fool's joke, to their largest and flashiest ATX full-tower to date. SilverStone has a reputation for quality and over engineering and it clearly shows in this year's selection. Starting off with the most engineered, and likely most expensive: the recently released Alta F2 was on display with a fully water cooled build showing off the expansive options available in the giant tower. Alta F2 utilizes a 90 degree rotated configuration taking design elements from the older Raven and Fortress series of cases. What the Alta F2 does different is where it allows the GPU to be installed; along the left side (traditionally the back) there are three expansion slots tilted at precisely 11.3 degrees.

These tilted slots are intended to offer as much forced air cooling as possible to the GPU from the bottom mounted 180 mm Air Penetrator 184i PRO fans, and SilverStone dialed in this angle to decimal precision to ensure this. There still exists a standard 9-slot layout along the top of the case (remember, everything is rotated 90 degrees so that's where the "back" is) for those that fill every slot on their motherboard. Since airflow moves bottom-to-top there are intake filters lining the lower chamber of the chassis, and the top panel is almost entirely open for exhaust. The lower chamber is also setup to allow four 3.5 inch drives to be mounted, while four more drives can be mounted in the optional forward mounted, and also angled, drive cages. The Alta F2 has already reached retail and demands a hefty $800 USD price point.

Wizmax at the 2023 Computex: GM and GX Series Cases, Titanium High-Wattage PSU

By: btarunr
3 June 2023 at 15:12
With their signature upward positioned front air vent, Wizmax cases were unmissable at the 2023 Computex. The company showcased four of the top case models, along with a new high-wattage ATX 3.0 PSU. The GX-3 Chang and GM-3 Moon are characterized by their distinct front-panel design that looks like a Chinese room divider pattern from the mid-19th century. Measuring 518 mm x 250 mm x 585 mm, the GX3-Chang features a horizontally-partitioned layout, its width opens up plenty of height for the CPU cooler and graphics card, of 18 cm; while you can use a graphics card up to 46 cm in length. The top- and front-panels each give you enough room for a radiator as big as 420 mm. Besides eight conventional add-on card slots, you get three vertical ones.

The GM3-Moon is a more compact mid-tower, measuring 485 mm x 225 mm x 392 mm, which opens up room for up to 34 cm long graphics cards, and up to 17.5 cm tall CPU coolers. You can mount a 360 mm radiator along the front-panel, and a radiator as large as 280 mm along the top panel. The GM1 Transform has a design novelty where its front-panel cover slides sideways to reveal a mesh intake. Don't want all those front fans glaring at you? Simply pull up the opaque front-panel. This mid-tower gives you room for graphics cards up to 35.5 cm in length, and CPU coolers up to 16 cm in height, and no vertical slots. It comes in white and black color options.

ECS Showcases LIVA Z5, LEET Gaming, and New SBCs at Computex 2023

By: Fouquin
3 June 2023 at 10:36
ECS showed off a large array of products at their booth at Computex this year, demonstrating the range of markets they cater to, from consumer to industrial. To start with, their long lived LIVA series of mini PCs have received an update to Intel's 13th gen Core series of processors with the LIVA Z5. The LIVA Z5 lineup includes three new models: the Z5 Plus, a more spacious Z5E Plus, and a completely passive Z5F Plus. Each of these feature the new processor generation up to 15 W and are designed for smart retail and kiosk deployments. The series not only boasts the new processor generation, but also expandable DDR4-3200 with capacities up to 64 GB, M.2 PCI-E NVMe Gen 4x4 SSD storage (plus 2.5" SATA in the Z5E and Z5F), optional Wi-Fi 6 module, dual 2.5 GbE, three USB 3.2 Gen 2x1 Type-A, USB Type-C, HDMI, and COM ports. Each of these new models can support up to four simultaneous 4K displays. ECS had the Z5 and Z5E Plus running as a multi-display automated self-service kiosk in their booth where visitors could order a bubble tea. Beside these was also the new LIVA P300, a slightly larger ITX barebones machine with a Q670 motherboard supporting both 12th and 13th Gen processors on LGA 1700, up to 65 W TDP.

ENERMAX Brings New PSUs and AIO Liquid Coolers to Computex 2023

By: GFreeman
3 June 2023 at 09:22
ENERMAX came to the Computex 2023 in full force, showcasing a wide range of new products including new PSUs with ATX 3.0 certification, as well as the new LIQTECH and LIQMAXFLO AIO liquid CPU coolers with new pump design.

ENERMAX definitely had a lot to show at the Computex 2023 event and there were some rather unique and innovative new products on display, including the PLATIMAX GEMINI, a PSU that meets both ATX 3.0 and Intel's new ATX12VO (12 V-only) standards. PLATIMAX GEMINI is an 80 Plus Platinum 1200 W power supply, that surpasses efficiency standards of the ATX12VO standard. ENERMAX also had the who new REVOLUTION D.F. X PSU lineup that is ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5 ready with a native 600 W 12VHPWR cable and an extra dual 8-pin to 12VHPWR 600 W cable, and features new patented Dust-Free Rotation (D.F.R) technology, a new feature that promises to significantly reduce the accumulation of dust around the fan blades. It also features an ARGB side panel with 14 built in lighting modes, and an RGB control button. ENERMAX was showcasing the SPLAVE X REVOLUTION D.F. X PSU, a special edition 1200 W PSU designed in cooperation with a well-known overclocker Splave.

Endorfy Brings Arx 700/500 Cases, Spartan 5 CPU Cooler, and Wireless Keyboards to Computex 2023

3 June 2023 at 08:39
Editor's note: Our in-depth review of Endorfy Arx 700 Air is now live.

At Computex 2023, Endorfy has launched the Arx 700 Air and Arx 700 ARGB PC cases, designed with maximum cooling potential and easy component access. The cases accommodate a tall cooling system, up to 8 fans, and any current graphics card, with the Arx 700 Air featuring 5 Stratus 140 PWM fans and the Arx 700 ARGB including 4 illuminated Stratus 140 PWM ARGB fans. The design is minimalist, with a tempered glass side panel that allows internal component visibility. Both cases measure 486Γ—228Γ—472 mm (HΓ—WΓ—L) and support ATX, microATX, and ITX motherboards, with a graphics card clearance of 410 mm, CPU cooler clearance of 179 mm, and power supply clearance of 340 mm. They have 7 expansion slots and internal bays that include 1Γ— 2.5"/3.5" and 6Γ— 2.5". The cases can accommodate up to 8 fans and come with built-in dust filters. The front I/O includes 1Γ— USB-C, 2Γ— USB-A, 1Γ— headphones (minijack 3.5 mm), 1Γ— microphone (minijack 3.5 mm), and power and reset buttons. The Arx 700 Air and Arx 700 ARGB are priced at 109 and 119 EUR, respectively.

The Endorfy Arx 500 Air and Arx 500 ARGB are also shown; however, we don't have exact specifications yet, and we expect them to follow soon. Visually, we see that the 500 series is shorter than the 700 series. The cases are priced at 99 and 109 EUR, respectively.

Seasonic Shows ATX 3.0 and PCIe Gen5 PSUs, MagFlow Fans, and Goes Industrial at Computex 2023

By: GFreeman
3 June 2023 at 08:20
Seasonic had a lot to show at Computex 2023, including its full range of power supply units from the PRIME, VERTEX, and FOCUS series, that are now fully compliant with ATX 3.0 and PCIe Gen 5 specifications. In addition, Seasonic also had its new MagFlow ARGB fans on display, and a wide range of high efficiency industrial PSUs.

Seasonic's PRIME, VERTEX, and FOCUS series were front and center at the Computex showcase, and those high power PSUs with Gold, Platinum, and Titanium efficiency ratings will be equipped with 12VHPWR connectors, meet the latest graphics card requirements, and feature both modular and recognizable stamped cable design. The star of the show were obviously the PRIME PX-1600, PRIME Fanless TX-700, and the FOCUS SPX-750, which is a compact SFX PSU with modular design.

Neo Forza Demonstrates DDR5 Memory Running at 8000 MHz and PCIe Gen 5 SSD at Computex 2023

3 June 2023 at 08:01
Neo Forza, a Taiwanese brand entity under Goldkey Technology Corporation, had a booth at Computex 2023, where the company showed its next-generation memory and storage products. Starting off, the company presented its DDR5 memory kits running at 8000 MHz speeds, indicating the maturity of DDR5 and that we are way past the initial 4800 MHz speeds at launch. The demonstrated kit was a part of the company's TRINITY lineup, which was displayed in white. For demo purposes, the kit was configured as two 16 GB DIMMs.

Next up, Neo Forza has showcased its next-generation PCIe Gen 5 NVMe SSD. Running at x4 lanes of the new PCIe 5.0 protocol, the 2 TB SSD was spotted running at 10 GB/s speeds in both read and write tasks set by CrystalDiskMark benchmark. Interestingly, the SSD also boasted a massive heatsink, as shown below.

Computex 2023: Lian Li debuts stunning new cases

3 June 2023 at 18:00

The Lian Li Exhibition at Computex this year left Leo quite impressed. In our final Computex 2023 tour, we take a deep dive into new and upcoming cases and coolers from the Lian Li team.Β 

Watch via YouTube below:



Starting off with the O11 Vision, this chassis is all about aesthetics, with three tempered glass panels with no visible separation points. You remove the side and top glass panels to access the main compartment for installing components and routing wires. Inside you'll find a modular motherboard tray, so you can set it higher or lower based on preference and there's plenty of room to bling the case out with RGB fans.

The O11D Evo-RGB is another great looking case, with a large tempered glass window and a dark interior, allowing RGB lighting to really stand out. The front glass can be swapped out with a mesh panel if preferred, but there is also some perforation on the back panel for air flow. An even larger XL version of this chassis is also going to be available. There's also a nifty GPU installation method using a cooling rack and vertical mounting – it is something we look forward to showing in a future review.

The Galahad II LCD is Lian Li's latest AIO liquid cooler, powered by an Asetek 8th Gen pump design, with a square CPU block. As the name suggests, an LCD display dons the CPU block, which can be used to display useful info like CPU temperatures, or custom animations/images. The tubing also have handy swivel points too, making tube routing easier. The Galahad II Trinity RGB goes a step further with multiple styles for the CPU block for maximum RGB. The radiator uses double-stack fins so while it is still relatively compact, it should offer excellent performance when paired with high static pressure fans.

KitGuru Says: That was our last tour for Computex this year. What did you all think of this year's event? What did you think of Lian Li's latest O11 versions?Β 

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Computex 2023: Sharkoon gives a sneak peek at upcoming peripherals

3 June 2023 at 15:00

Today at Computex, Leo and Mat visited Sharkoon to get the latest on peripherals and cases. Better yet, we got a sneak peek at some in-development products hitting the market later in the year.Β 

Watch via YouTube below:


  • 00:00 Mice, Keyboards, chairs, mats and cables
  • 04:40 Cases

Last year Sharkoon launched its full-size and TKL Pure Writer mechanical keyboards with Kail Choc Red (linear, non-clicky) and Kailh Choc Blue (Tactile, audible click) switches. Now, Sharkoon also has a 65% version of this keyboard, making for an ultra-compact and very portable mechanical keyboard. Another keyboard that caught our eye was the SKILLER SG50 S3, complete with a colourful array of keycaps. This is another compact 65% keyboard with custom keycaps to match one of Sharkoon's custom mouse mats. This particular keyboard is also available in larger sizes for those who prefer a larger keyboard.

Finally on the keyboard front, Sharkoon is also announcing the SGK 70 wireless keyboards, available in black and white, with clear keycaps to allow RGB lighting to shine straight through. The SGM25W wireless gaming mouse is also a compact and portable mouse. Both of these products are due to arrive sometime around Christmas.

To go with all of this, Sharkoon also showed the SKILLER SGM50W, an upcoming wireless gaming mouse with an RGB charging dock. It looks very nice in its white and black colourway, with a white body accented by black switches and a black Sharkoon logo.

Sharkoon's expanding its chair line-up this year too, moving beyond racing-style chairs, the company is now working on ergonomic office-style chairs too.

On the case front, Sharkoon has the C50, with a full mesh front panel and RGB fans illuminating through. The Rebel C50 without RGB is a touch cheaper. The Hex is a more unique design with hexagonal mesh cutouts and a bunch of RGB fans pre-installed – three in the front, two in the roof and one in the back – it is typically rare to see a case shipping with so many fans out of the box, the fact that these are RGB makes it more impressive.

In the near future, Sharkoon's VS8 and VS9 cases will be hitting Europe. These are mid-tower cases, with a variety of front panel designs on offer. These will be cheap too, coming in at around $60.

KitGuru Says: Sharkoon's full-art mouse mats do look very nice and would pair well with a keyboard with custom key caps.Β 

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Computex 2023: Leo dives into the latest power supply tech from FSP

3 June 2023 at 11:00

This week at Computex, Leo explores the FSP booth to get a closer look at our highest-rated power supply, the Hydro Ti Pro, as well as a bunch of other upcoming hardware.Β Β 

Watch via YouTube below:


  • 00:00 Cool FSP mod
  • 00:24 Power Supply showcase
  • 03:25 Dagger Pro H610M 12VO
  • 03:56 The Hydro name – and new names!
  • 04:30 FSP Coolers and new patent
  • 05:45 Installation frame
  • 06:03 FSP AIO’s
  • 06:35 FSP Cases / Sign off

First up at the FSP booth we swiftly noticed an impressive mod for the Hydro Ti Pro 1000W PSU. This is the same power supply we reviewed last month, finding it to offer class-leading performance, although we're still waiting for answers on future UK availability.

Next up is a new, in-development power supply, the Anemoi. This is an 80Plus Platinum, ATX 3.0 power supply, but it differs from the rest of the pack with its cooling solution. Rather than going for a completely passive build, FSP has added some heatpipe heatsinks to the components in the power supply and outfitted it with a very slow-speed fan. This way, it should remain inaudible inside of the case, and you'll have a longer life span for the components compared to a fully passive cooling solution. FSP has a range of other ATX 3.0 power supplies too, from the Dagger series to the Hydro series.

The Dagger Pro H610M 12VO PSU is another interesting one, being one of the few PSUs to support Intel's ATX12VO standard, which complies with California efficiency regulations, calling for new motherboard connectors and power supplies to go with them.

FSP has a new high-end air cooler in the works, the MX09. It is a dual-tower heatsink with a 120mm fan on the front and a 140mm fan in the centre between the two heatsinks. It has six heatpipes to draw heat away from the CPU and a spring-loaded installation method and convenient fan placement should make it easy to install. There are also three AIO liquid coolers on the way with RGB fans and an RGB-lit logo on the CPU pump, available in 240mm, 360mm and 420mm sizes. They use a dual-chamber pump design and handy cable covers to keep fan cables hidden.

Finally, there is a new case on the way, the Cut 593, which is available in black and white with a choice of front panel, one with a fabric cover, and another with a cut-out design to allow for more airflow.

KitGuru Says: What do you think of FSP's line-up for 2023?Β 

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Computex 2023: G.Skill showcases incredible modded PCs and high-speed DDR5 memory

3 June 2023 at 08:01

This week at Computex G.Skill debuted new ultra high-speed DDR5 memory and high capacity kits. Now, Leo takes a closer look, while also browsing some very impressive modded PC builds.Β 

Watch via YouTube below:


First up on the list is the G.Skill DDR5-8800 48GB kit. The live demo on show at Computex also features an Intel Core i9-13900K and an Asus ROG Z790 Apex Motherboard to showcase the full overclocking potential of DDR5 memory.

G.Skill is also showcasing its new R-DIMM DDR5-6800 64GB memory kit, built for the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors. These kits will be available in large capacities, up to 384GB, or in smaller capacities with faster speeds. Going in the opposite direction, G.Skill has also launched new SO-DIMM DDR5 modules for Intel NUC systems. At Computex this week, G.Skill is demonstrating its DDR5-6400 32GB kit running in the Intel NUC 13 Extreme.

AMD is not being left behind in the conversation here. Supporting AMD EXPO memory overclocking profiles, G.Skill is launching the new Trident Z5 Neo gamily, with capacities all the way up to 192GB for the X670 platform.

Of course, G.Skill's Royal series of memory is still present and on show thanks to its striking design and RGB illumination. The booth here at Computex also has some incredible modded PC builds, from a beer-cooling PC, to a fruit machine mod, and even an RGB pyramid.

The WigiDash display is a new dashboard display add-on coming from G.Skill, offering a small capacitive touch display with various widgets to give shortcuts, display system info and other tools. The grid of widgets will be customisable through software.

G.Skill's 360mm AIO liquid cooler also deserves some spotlight for its implementation of RGB in the fans and CPU block, featuring a similar crystalline design to the Trident Z Royal memory.

KitGuru Says: G.Skill always has something impressive in store for Computex. This year we get extremely fast DDR5-8800 memory, but G.Skill is already working on achieving even faster speeds.Β 

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