// Add disks to pool and name accordingly

// Set SSDs to SSD type, HDDs to HDD type
Set-PhysicalDisk -friendlyname "SSD1" -MediaType SSD
Set-PhysicalDisk -friendlyname "SSD2" -MediaType SSD
Set-PhysicalDisk -friendlyname "HDD1" -MediaType HDD
Set-PhysicalDisk -friendlyname "HDD2" -MediaType HDD

// Create SSD performance tier and HDD capacity tier with simple resiliency (not mirrored)
$ssd_Tier = New-StorageTier -StoragePoolFriendlyName "Storage pool" -FriendlyName SSD_Tier -MediaType SSD -ResiliencySettingName simple
$hdd_Tier = New-StorageTier -StoragePoolFriendlyName "Storage pool" -FriendlyName HDD_Tier -MediaType HDD -ResiliencySettingName simple

// Create the disk using storage tiers, 128KB stripes, 2 columns; size was maximum allowed for each tier
Get-StoragePool "Storage pool" | New-VirtualDisk -FriendlyName SanDisk-Blue -ResiliencySettingName Simple –StorageTiers $ssd_Tier, $hdd_Tier -StorageTierSizes 216GB, 1856GB -Interleave 128KB -NumberOfColumns 2